April Verch • April Verch, doesn’t just perform music, she exudes it.  The internationally renowned  Canadian fiddler, singer, songwriter and stepdancer has a passion for performing and her goal is to touch the lives of those who are listening at any given moment. “The world is this amazing puzzle that we can’t fully understand and music is the joy that pulls it all together and helps us make sense of it,”  says Verch, with a dynamic excitement and confidence that makes you believe her in a heartbeat.  Dirk Powell, a multi-instrumentalist, who’s worked with Jack White, Joan Baez, Riverdance and the film Cold Mountain, is awed by April’s ability to play any kind of roots music as though it was her native tongue.

“She’s so fluent in the language of music that she never needs to imitate,” Powell says.

“She hears the heart of it and lets that become part of her core. April’s just got that, man; she’s always speaking the language for real.  She is a rare mix of all the technique and super-flashy things, along with the deep soul and tradition that comes from having grown up with the music.”

On Thursday, November 8th at 9:00pm EDT, you can watch an intimate live 30-minute performance by April, Cody & Hayes from Hollow Reed Studio in Asheville, NC, where the trio is hard at work on their new album due out April 2013! Watching is easy: just click here to access through FaceBook, buy a ticket, and you’re in! Only 100 tickets available, and it’s pay-what-you-want, but $5 is the suggested donation.


Don’t have FaceBook? No problem! Just click here to access directly through stageit.com! Immediately after the concert, keep on watching for a special 20-minute encore featuring a live Q&A, studio walkthrough & a special sneak preview of an unreleased song. Grab a drink, a solid WiFi connection, and your instrument (for those tuning questions & to jam along!). Enjoy the best in roots music from the comfort of your home!

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